Artificial Grass Installation in Haywards Heath

Artificial Grass Installation


Installing the artificial grass Haywards Heath is a streamlined process which ensures long durability for many decades. Simple maintenance procedures can keep the grass fresh, natural looking, soft, flexible, safe, and free from infections.

The first step to installation is the landscape analysis and installation planning. The soil conditions don’t matter much. The base soil should be clean, compact, dry, and durable. After the initial inspection and material procurement, you may start with the installation procedures.

Analysis and Planning

The expert artificial grass Haywards Heath installers have sufficient experience to identify the landscape conditions during the initial inspection. They can suggest you the best type of grass, roll dimensions and the number of rolls. The equipment utilization depends on the intensity and the stages of pre-installation procedures.

Site Marking

Site marking helps in defining the boundaries of the artificial grass installation. The experts can do it with the help of marker paints or the nail and thread method.


The average depth of excavation required for the artificial grass Haywards Heath is between 8cm and 10cm. It may vary if the landscape is inclined or curved. The experts shall try to maintain the even depth to ensure the evenly distributed aggregate bed preparation. Post-excavation processes include removal of stones, soil lumps, and other unwanted materials.

Excavation Equipment

Using the efficient excavation equipment can simplify the task and speed it up. Sod cutter and the shovel are the tools required for the topsoil removal and excavation. The experts ensure precision finishing to the inner walls of the sides and corners. It facilitates the easy installation of the edges.

Gravel Filling

The rough mechanical /electrical grading tools can prepare the base to accept the base-filling with the gravel (made from sand, crushed stones, concrete, fiberglass, and other durable fillers). Before that, the experts compact the base with the help of a mechanical device.  It ensures the tight packing of the soil.

Water Treatment

Water treatment to the base can further increase the compaction ratio. After the natural drying of water, the experts can strengthen the surface compaction to enable proper drainage.

Geo-Textile Layout

Installation of a Geo-textile material is an added benefit for the high volume of water draining. The experts cover the entire base area between the four corners with this material. Nailing the sides and the edges can ensure permanent fastening to the base. The material can last for many years without the tear or structural damages.

Artificial Grass Installation

The experts install the artificial grass on the synthetic fabric. They can cut and shape the rolls to cover the natural and structural objects in the garden. The layout is along the length of the strip with parallel rolls next to each other. The overlapping range of the two parallel rolls can be glued to each other and nailed to the base. Applying the U-pegs along the length and width of the artificial grass Haywards Heath binds the rolls with the base firmly.


Concrete, metal, or wooden blocks (height = the depth of excavation, with sufficient gaps at the bottom to accommodate the grass edges and corners) are installed on all the four sides of the base. They offer protection from direct exposure to the external environment, which may result in the structural damages. The experts nail the blocks to the base firmly.


The pouring if infill materials like the acrylic coated sand or the rubber crumbles strengthen the artificial grass Haywards Heath piles over the backing. They also keep the blades straight and prevent the warping and the damages. It also enhances the tensile strength and the capacity to endure the heavy foot traffic. Brushing and watering can improve the compaction of the infill.


Latest Artificial Grass Technology

The implementation of the latest technology in the artificial grass Haywards Heath starts with the manufacturing of the raw materials. The manufacturers still use polyethylene, polypropylene, and the PET materials for the extrusion of the grass. However, the introduction of SEBS has resulted in type addition of the shockproof characteristic to the grass.

Raw Material Properties

The mechanical and chemical properties like the tensile strength, specific gravity, elongation, thermal resistance & expansion, and load and color balancing ensure long life. These characteristics are the results of improved polymerization, dyeing and crystallization processes.

Extrusion Process

The additives mixed with the melted polymer provide extra resistance to the heat, humidity, water and the other external elements. The implementation of the advanced extrusion technology results in the best of denier yarns that are wound into cones and cylinders.

Molding Technology

The advanced molding technology used for the manufacturing of the Synthetic (plastic/rubber) backing material results in the flexible and robust fabric. It has the highest state of stability to prevent soil erosion, self-contamination, tearing and abrasion.

Blade Formation

The artificial grass blades are formed through the precision cutting of the pile after the extrusion. This technology shapes the blades into M, C, U, W, S, and many other forms. Every form has a specific value for light emission, absorption, thermal conductivity and insulation, foot traffic support, etc.

Tufting Technology

The modern tufting machines use the advanced technology of yarn stitching, piling and looping with the backing layer. The cutting and re-looping of the yarns result in the strong bond between the grass and the backing material.

Artificial Grass and Animals

The design of the artificial Grass Haywards Heath makes it entirely pet-friendly. The turf provides maximum protection from the shocks and infectious elements. Warmth, comfort, safety, and natural waste drainage and washable characteristics make it the first choice for the pet-animals in your home.

Artificial Turf Maintenance and Lifespan

The primary maintenance procedures like the brushing, washing, weeding, and the infill-compacting can enhance the lifespan of the artificial grass Haywards Heath for many decades.

Haywards Heath Weather

The region experiences snowfall between October end and early January which can go up to 20 centimeters. The artificial grass Haywards Heath is designed for the maximum snow resistance and easy cleanup. The high volume of heat and humidity between April and early October can increase the temperature beyond the 300C scale. Rainfalls can be up to 100+mm during the mid-January. Artificial grass Haywards Heath can ensure all the types of weather and climatic conditions to last longer.

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Perfect for Children

Artificial grass is great for the children to be able to play outside all of the year and you can also say goodbye to muddy footprints!

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Low Maintenance

The ultimate solution to low maintenance gardening. Take back your weekends and thwo away the Lawn mower

Pet Friendly

Artificial grass is a great solution for pet owners who want a nice lawn as well as their favourite pet.

Before And After Transformations


Why Artificial Grass Brighton

Great looking Artificial grass looks great all year rounds and feels great underfoot.

Cost Efficient

One off fee and then no mowing, gardeners or constant watering

Product evolution

We can supply you with over 15 long lasting, high quality realistic artificial grass varieties to satisfy all taste and purposes.

Ease of use

Really easy to clean Artificial grass ( just hose it down)


Great choice for homes  with children, Schools or private nurseries

No Stress!

No more watering or mowing to worry about.

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  • We have a lower ground flat with a small garden that we wanted tidying up. A lot of the other companies did not want to take the job on, but Mark and Anthony did a splendid job and were cheerful and very helpful.

    Sally Hill
  • Artificial Grass Brighton did a terrific job laying our new lawn and tidying up the back garden. Very pleased with the results

    Zak Donnelly

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