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Artificial Grass Installation in Sussex


The installation of the artificial grass Sussex happens through several simple, yet meticulously calculated steps. The initial process of sub-base preparation lays the permanent foundation for the gravel, geo-textile, and the grass rolls. The processes related to the edging, infill material pouring, brushing and finishing complete the procedures. The material strength, process efficiency, and the technologically advanced equipment & tools determine the quality, durability, feasibility, applicability, scalability, and maintainability of the artificial grass.

Pre-Installation Plan

The pre-installation plan includes the landscape analysis, soil testing, and the dimension measurement, etc. Artificial-turf Experts in Sussex follow these steps to achieve maximum efficiency within the available resources. Material and machinery planning, grass type selection, working-hours calculations, and the estimation of the other related parameters make the installation perfectly planned. They are can also give you the accurate quote which covers all these parameters.

Sub-base Preparation

The process starts with the excavation to a depth of 9-10 centimeters beneath the surface. The depth may increase if the soil contains too much of clay, sand, or the other types of silt. The experts can also install the grass on harder base like the concrete (may not require excavation), hard soil (with an excavation of fewer than 7 centimeters), etc.

Removal of the stones, rocks, hard soil lumps and the other unwanted materials from the base area cleans it. The next step is compact the sub-base soil through watering, drying, and the application of the advanced machinery.

Geo-Textile Installation

The installation of the geo-textile material over the sub-base soil (before the gravel filling) helps in the protection of the base from the subsoil. But then you have to ensure the installation of exit pipes for the water drainage. The subsoil will absorb the water in the absence of the Geo-textile layer.

Gravel Filling

The base gravel material for the artificial grass Sussex is made of crushed limestone, cement treated mix, fiberglass, and the other durable materials. The experts know the exact ratio of the elements to mix to get the maximum strength and stability factors. The gravel is often combined with the adhesive compounds to increase the bonding. The highly porous structure of the base makes it an ideal drainage system.


Edging is the process of installing the wooden, concrete, or the metal planks at the edges, and the corners over the base.

Installation Stage

The experts install the artificial grass Sussex rolls along the length of the site. Parallel installation of the multiple rolls makes it easy to bind them with each other. The application of the adhesive, U-pegs, or the long steel nails (with round heads) attach the two rolls with each other and the sub-base. The nails should be long enough to penetrate the sub-base and hold onto it firmly. Some of the contractors may use U-pegs to make it safe for the children while playing.

Sufficient gaps along the length of the planks allow the experts to insert the grass edges and corners beneath and wrap them with each other.  The bonding between the two can happen with adhesives or nails, which also bind the panels to the sub-base.

The bond between the sub-base and the grass rolls can become stronger when the experts hammer in the nails (U-pegs) along the length and width of the grass after the specific gap. The pile height covers the nail head and prevents it from getting exposed to the top layer.

Infill Pouring

The synthetic rubber crumbs or pellets can act as the perfect infill materials for the artificial grass Sussex. You may also choose the acrylic-coated sand for this purpose. The experts determine the filling volume per square inch, depending on the type of the artificial grass, pile density, distance between the piles and the pile height.

For the higher pile heights, it is better to increase the density of the infill. After the pouring, the experts brush the surface and use the compactor to bind the granules firmly. Watering the grass can also help in speeding up the compaction. Mixing the water with a water-insoluble adhesive in the ratio of 3:1 can also help in increasing the bonding strength and the speed.

Latest Artificial Grass Technology

Raw Material

The application of the latest technology in the artificial grass Sussex installation starts from the stage of raw material production. The two primary elements make the synthetic grass and the backing material. Polypropylene, polyethylene, HDPE, and the SEBS are some of the recommended raw materials. Synthetic rubber is commonly used for the backing-support.

The mechanical and chemical properties of the raw materials determine the quality and durability of the grass. The polymerization and production of the materials ensure softness, tensile strength, flexibility, density, specific gravity, elongation, breakpoint, melt-flow rate, and the other related parameters.

Extrusion Technology

The advanced extrusion technology methods can shape the pile and the loop structure according to the standard specifications of strength listed above.

The advanced extrusion machines have individual panels to melt the granules into the liquid which is passed through the extrusion process. The manufacturers introduce many of the additives in the form of minerals, colours, and chemicals to increase the strength of the yarn. Modern technology systems also add anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, and the other medicated compounds. This procedure increases the hygienic characters of the yarn.

The post-extrusion process of twisting and winding onto the cones and the cylinders prepares the yarn for the next stage of grass making.

Backing Sheet

The synthetic-rubber backing sheet is molded /woven to the standard dimensions. Add on materials increase the tensile strength, medical properties, and the load-bearing characteristics of the layer.

Tufting Technology

Advanced tufting machines sew the yarn with the backing material to create the pile and the loops, grass blade shaping, the finishing of the artificial grass Sussex.

Artificial Grass and Animals

The making of the artificial grass Sussex through the above processes creates the perfectly comfortable and hygienic environment for the pet animals in your home. It keeps them away from injuries, infections, allergens, and the other forms of discomfort.

Artificial Turf Maintenance and Lifespan

The artificial grass Sussex can prolong its lifespan to many decades with the simple maintenance procedures involving brushing, washing, disinfecting, and dry blowing at low pressure. 3

Sussex Weather

The variation of average temperature between winter (-20C-50C), summer (200C), spring (140C), and autumn (160C) makes Sussex highly susceptible heat, humidity, and chill conditions. Rainfall is maximum (163.4mm) during January, and it remains moderate during the rest of the year. Snowfall is between January and April.  The artificial grass Sussex is designed to endure all the weather and climatic conditions.


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Perfect for Children

Artificial grass is great for the children to be able to play outside all of the year and you can also say goodbye to muddy footprints!

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Low Maintenance

The ultimate solution to low maintenance gardening. Take back your weekends and thwo away the Lawn mower

Pet Friendly

Artificial grass is a great solution for pet owners who want a nice lawn as well as their favourite pet.

Before And After Transformations


Why Artificial Grass Brighton

Great looking Artificial grass looks great all year rounds and feels great underfoot.

Cost Efficient

One off fee and then no mowing, gardeners or constant watering

Product evolution

We can supply you with over 15 long lasting, high quality realistic artificial grass varieties to satisfy all taste and purposes.

Ease of use

Really easy to clean Artificial grass ( just hose it down)


Great choice for homes  with children, Schools or private nurseries

No Stress!

No more watering or mowing to worry about.

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  • We have a lower ground flat with a small garden that we wanted tidying up. A lot of the other companies did not want to take the job on, but Mark and Anthony did a splendid job and were cheerful and very helpful.

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